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This help is intended to be supplementary. We try to make things self-explanatory using in-place explanations and tooltips so you can just jump right in.
a tooltip
Informative stuff also happens when you roll your cursor over things that look like this. If you think something needs to be covered here that isn't though, let us know.
mission statement
We love the truth. The truth is beautiful. We want 22 true to be an instrument of the truth, and we will do whatever we can to make it so.
We hate lies. We hate scams, spam, worms, and other evil things. We've tried to construct 22 true so as to make it useless and uninteresting to liars, and we will do whatever we can to keep it so.
An assertion is a statement about the trueness of a thing or person. In 22 true assertions appear as vertical bars representing values from absolutely true to absolutely false. A bar that extends above the center line asserts how true something is, and one that extends below, how false.
—The center line itself represents absolute neutrality
An assertion can be either explicit, or inferred.
An explicit assertion is made by a person clicking a bar while editing.
a set of explicit assertions
An inferred assertion is one generated by the 22 true inference engine as it combines assertions about thousands or even millions of people and things. Combined assertions happen because a person can actually create up to 30 explicit assertions: 22 about things and 8 about people. People making assertions about other people creates a potentially enormous network of assertions about assertions about assertions (...), with 22 true calculating the strengths of the inferred assertions, and everyone discovering previously undiscovered trueness.
some additional characteristics assertion bars may have:
additional characteristics
additional characteristics
Depending on its state, a bar may have some of the following characteristics.
viewing vs. editing
Each person's page can be seen in two modes. In view mode, nothing is editable, and the inferred assertions are visible. This is the page to which you normally would link to show people your 22. In edit mode, stuff is editable, and while you can look at (and play around with) anyone's page in edit mode, you must sign in to save changes. Almost every page has a link to view/edit a 22 by ID.
what we use and why
people searches

People search queries can consist of single terms (words) or phrases (groups of words surrounded by double quotes), and term modifiers. Our search engine uses the standard Lucene query parser, with one difference: we use AND instead of OR as the default boolean operator.

closing an account

Go here to close an account.

assertion - see the full explanation here.
person - a 22 true account.
target - a person or thing about which an assertion is made.
thing - any URL beginning with http://.
miscellaneous notes