what is 22 true ...or... what can you believe out there?

Think about word of mouth. What makes it reliable?
  • When a person tells us something, we form an idea of how true that thing is likely to be.
  • We base that idea (at least partially) on our past experience of that person, on things they said and how true those things turned out to be.
  • Those experiences form the person's reputation, which rises and falls on each thing they say.
Like word of mouth, 22 true is a credibility network. It has 4 basic concepts.
  • things - a thing is any URL beginning with http://.
  • people - people are 22 true accounts (uh-oh...what does that take?).
  • assertions - assertions are what people say about things or other people (more).
  • targets - targets are the objects (things or people) of assertions (how are targets created?).
People can make assertions about things and other people. Things can only be targets.

what's the point?

short answer - The truth is inherently valuable.
sociological answer - As market research techniques improve, we all find ourselves in a culture increasingly marked by raw popularity, by the 'tyranny of the majority', by the noisy central regions of various gaussian distributions. 22 true proposes to provide paths around that opaque middle. See also 'what's in it for me?'.

is 22 true a "social networking" site?

No. It has some social aspects, but it's primarily about the truth of ideas, not decorative community chatter.

is 22 true "elitist"?

While it may be argued that our underlying affection for the truth is somehow elitist, the system itself is completely democratic: it does not discriminate between good and bad ideas. All are welcome, and those who make foolish assertions will be admired by their foolish peers but remain invisible to everyone else.

what are assertions?

Assertions are the central idea of 22 true. You can find a complete explanation of them here in the help.

how does it work?

22 true can produce a large number of inferred assertions from a small number of explicit ones, because whenever people make assertions about other people, consequent assertions are implied about those people's assertions, including all their assertions about other people, and so on...

what's with this 'trueness' stuff? aren't statements either true or false?

No, not at all. Statements are combinations of symbols that attempt to model the Universe. The quality of a model is determined by 2 factors: its completeness and its precision. No model can perfectly represent the entire Universe with perfect precision, so no model is perfect, and even if we restrict a model to some small subsystem, quality can be perfect only for the most trivial.

how are targets created?

A target is created the first time a person makes an assertion about a URL of interest.

how can I discover other people's assertions?

Go to people. You'll see several ways, and we're working on more.

what's in it for me?

What was in it for Einstein, or Rinzai, or anyone else who revealed some of the truth? A less deluded world is a reward we can all share, and the people who give it to us all share an incomparable virtue, not to mention the admiration of their peers.

why 22?

The number 22 refers to the number of explicit assertions a person can make about things.

why not 10,000?

The number of explicit assertions is limited to 22 for 4 main reasons:

  1. to encourage people to select assertion targets carefully;
  2. to allow people to examine all of someone's explicit assertions without too much work;
  3. to limit combinatorial explosion;
  4. because 22 can also be pronounced "too too".

what do I need to become a person?

All you need to open a 22 true account is a valid email address (used how?). No cost. No forms.

how will my email address be used?

We use your email address only to identify you and to communicate with you concerning your account. Your email address will not appear anywhere on your page (unless you put it there) and we will never willingly disclose it to any third party.

does it cost anything to open an account?


what personal information do you collect?

We collect no personal information.

how do I close an account?

Go here.

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