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Welcome to the 22 true beta. This is a beta version, so expect new features and improvements—but also bugs. We hope you enjoy it, but we make NO GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND.
beta notes:
** general**
The web interface might be changing frequently, so be sure to hard-reload, especially if things seem strange or new features are missing. It's been tested (to varying degrees) with recent versions of Chrome, SeaMonkey, Firefox, IE 6–8, and Safari.
To avoid unpredictable server downtime ("500 Internal Server Error" responses), we will attempt to confine server-side upgrades to 2 scheduled time slots each week: Thursdays and Sundays between 0430 and 0600 GMT.

** recent by date **
110515 - moved to a 64-bit Debian 5 server (PHP 5.3.3, Tomcat 6.0.28).
070812 - server OS/tomcat/PHP upgrade.
061209 - tested with IE 7.
061005 - reworked background.
060908 - bug fixes.
060904 - target searches now work.
060902 - major refactoring, especially to searches, but the crawler is set to crawl no more deeply than 'people' while we're testing.
060801 - works with Safari now, but we haven't hit it too hard with Safari, so we'd like to hear (good or bad) from any Safari users.
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